My Venice Night Trail. April 13th - 2019

- 16 Km city run.
- 51 bridges.

This run starts at 21:00 hours and is run in the dark in the old city of Venice, a very special experience.

More than 4000 ready to start! First grid with 2000 competing, then second grid with other 2000 non competing. I should compete, but I couldn't enter the first grid and started late.

Here I start - all alone, before the non competing but 5 minutes after the last competing. I had to run hard in the start to recover the distance.

Passing San Marco square, note - almost no tourist, only runners.

Just passed one of the 51 bridges.

Someone thought we should have music along the whole way! He ran the whole distance with that huge sound box on his back.

Passing music and running lights in the old streets of Venice (video link: eventually right click -> save as)

Coming over the finish line.

I also got a finish medal - a nice memory.

And then a well deserved beer in a nice small Venice bar.

Oficial video

Real time: 01H33M15S
After start shoot of: 01H37M40S

- All over: 953/1763
- Men: 759/1173
- Category - SM55 (men 55 - 59 years): 88/168