My Fornacione Night Trail - Scandiano. May 18th - 2019


A Night Trail where you run in pairs: Scandiano (Iano) in Italy.

This year the route was drastically shortened because of the weather condition and the safety for runners.
- 15 Km Trail run (shortened from 21 Km).
- 540m Accumulated ascent (shortened from 1000m).

... and I was sliding around in a mud puddle trying to get a bit of grip under my shoes...

Yes - we have to run in those clouds. This was before they begin to spit out what they contained of rain, and they contained a lot!

Before the run, dry, nice and clean.

Here we start! In pouring rain!

Yes - we had to cross that stream (video link: eventually right click -> save as).

Running through the miserable night (video link: eventually right click -> save as).

Goal! Soaking wet, dirty and happy for it is over.

After the run, with my new buddy Olli from Arceto - I couldn't have asked for a better partner for this event!

My socks did not survive the run.

Runed elevation gain.

My running number. Note the elevation curve we should had run.

Time: 2H04
Possition: 55 out of 86 pairs finish.
Other photos from the event can be download from Reggio Corre.