My Fornacione Night Trail - Scandiano. May 19th - 2018

A Night Trail run in pairs Scandiano (Iano) in Italy.

- 21 Km Trail run.
- 1000m Accumulated ascent.

Before start. Ready to go to Iano to participate in the run.

Inscription. I had no partner, but the organization was so kind to find me one. Only problem - he wanted to do the run in 1H40!!!
I only saw him the first 3 minutes of the run - I think we were disqualified.

Start! Here we go. Time: 19:30 (I still have my partner, just in front of me).

First descent. Still lot of light, I'm going fine, passing lot of other runners - cool , but no partner, he must be someplace far ahead.

In a long row ascent - are we gnus?


Night over Scandiano

GOAL!!!!!!! - Alone

Some first aid, ice on my knee. My knee gave in just 3 Km before the finish line, on the last ascent. I finished, but it costed me at least 10 places - very demoralised - only to be able to do a pity walk and pretend to run a bit.

Ascents and descents.

The map.

Time: 3H30