Rye bread

Based on a recipe by Adam Aamann.

  1. Mix water, beer, rye kernels, sunflower seeds, linseed and honey, and let it stay for 3-4 hours or the whole night.
  2. Mix the sourdough with the kernel and seed mix, then add all the flour and salt. Knead it well.
  3. Lubricate 2 rye bread molds with butter and distribute the dough in the molds
  4. Pres the dough in a smooth layer into the molds with a wet hand, and dot a uniform pattern in the surface with a fork
  5. Cover a lightly wrung tea towel and let the breads rise for 18-24 hours, ideally with 15-18 C°. The dough should raise approx. 30 %.
  6. Brush the breads gently with a little water and bake them in a 160 C° hot oven for 1 hour 45 minutes.
  7. Take the breads out of the molds and bake them for 15-20 minutes more without molds
  8. Let the rye breads cool down completely on a grid.
Tips: The rye bread is easier to cut after 1 day.
Store the rye bread in a plastic bag when it has cooled completely, and never put it in the refrigerator, as it will dry, lose its structure and taste. The bread can last for more than 7 days.