Paleo (Palæo) Bread


Mix everything in a bowl.
Bring the mass into a greased form.
Bake for one hour at 160 ° C (preheated oven)

It is important nuts, seeds and almonds are whole when the bread is made. If they are crushed they will release there dedicated fatty acids there will rancid, when the the bread is baked.

  Carbohydrates  Fat  Protein  Calorie 
Pumpkin seeds (100g)17.8g45.8g24.5g541 (2265 kJ)
Sunflower seeds (100g)20.0g51.5g20.8g584 (2445 kJ)
Almonds (100g)19.9g50.6g21.9g581 (2433 kJ)
Walnuts (100g)13.7g65.2g15.2g654 (2738 kJ)
Linseeds (100g)28.9g42.2g18.3g534 (2236 kJ)
Sesame seeds 100g23.4g49.7g17.7g573 (2399 kJ)
Raisins 100g52.3g4.4g7.9g274 (1146 kJ)
Eggs 5 (250g)2.0g25.0g31.5g358 (1499 kJ)
* Egg 1 (50g)*0.4g*5.0g*6.3g*71.5 (299 kJ)
Olive oil extra 0.5 dl0g45.7g0g402 (1683 kJ)
* Olive oil extra 1 dl*0g*91.3g*0g*804 (3366 kJ)
Total (1000g)178g380.1g157.8g4501 (18844 kJ)
Total (100g)17.8g38g15.8g450 (1884kJ)