My JLH Class A Amplifier

The JLH Class A Amplifier is an old design from around the end of the 1960-ties and has a whole site dedicated to it: The JLH Class-A Amplifier. I started my project when I worked in Holland back in 1990, but neve finished it then. I found my old print a bit of time agow and desided to finish it, manly because I remember it has such a good sound. So I decided to build a box for it and get it ready for use:
Open box view
The sound was as good as I remember it even there where a weak 50 Hz noise so I have to construct voltage regulator for it.

My digram:
Amp diagram
R147 (5w)C1470uF (40V)
R2120 (5w)C11100nF
R32K7 (1/4w)C2220uF (40V)
R4220 (1/4w)C22100nF
R58K2 (1/4w)C34700uF (40V)
R62K9 (1/4w)C33100nF
R7100K (1/4w)C4220uF (40V)
R8200K (trim)C44100nF
R92K2 (1/2w)C5500nF
R102K2 (1/2w)  
L1Loadspeaker 4 ohm  
T12N3055Heat sink for T1 
T22N3055Heat sink for T2 
T32N1711Heat sink for T3 
Trim R8 to Ve = 1/2 V+
Amp diagram
R13K3C11000uF (40V)
R33K3C2100uF (40V)
Amp diagram