Auto Report Generator

Auto Report Generator is a web application, used to track errors and changes for a software project. It is written in Java and JSP using Jakarta-Tomcat as Servlet container and mySql as database.
Auto Report Generator implements the process: Software Problems Report -> Software Change Request -> Software Modification Report.

To install the Auto Report Generator download the sources below and compile with Java. Deploy the whole application under Tomcat and create the database.
In the directory WEB-INF/deploy exits SQL files to create the database. You will have an administrator user called admin with the password admin by default. In the same directory exist also an example on how to change the Tomcat file conf/server.xml for deployment of the application. You also need a JDBC library for mySql installed in the Tomcat directory common/lib.

  • Auto Report Generator: AutoReportGenerator-1.tgz

  • Henrik Baastrup (c) Mar. 11. 2004