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the Successful Coding Alliance is proud to announce the new program for "Don't Panic Project Managers"

This program is directed to Protect Managers there work within an organization where neither Successful Coding Areas nor Bug Free Zones exists. His organization is full of Less Successful Programmers and he is the first to admit this! His daily work is a hell where the impossibly thing always goes wrong, the bug backlog is ever increasing and his plans never followed.
To help these Project Managers, the Successful Coding Alliance has started a new certification program where a Project Manager can be certified as a "Don't Panic Project Manager". The idea is that the Project Manager, with help from the SCA, will identify the Less Successful Programmers in his project and either help them to certify as "Horned Member of the Successful Coding Alliance" or punish them in the right and fair manner. The SCA is putting together a punish program for these Project Managers.
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