Successful Coding Alliance

the Successful Coding Alliance

We are an small exclusive group of programmes there has taken the initiative to launch the Successful Coding Alliance (SCA). Our objective is to create Successful Coding Areas within your organization. This way we believe that management much easier can punish the Less Successful Programmers in your organization.

We are also against bugs and strongly believe there exist an evil bug force, supported by Bug Reporters, your organization is properly already infected by this evil force. One of our most important goals is to produce bug free code and we think that the best way to obtain this goal is to fight this evil force.

To obtain our goals, we have set-up a certification program in two levels: First level is “Horned Member of the Successful Coding Alliance” diploma and second level is a “Bug Free” stamp on you “Horned Member of the Successful Coding Alliance” diploma. Managers from your organization can then request a list of "Horned Member of the Successful Coding Alliance" belonging to his organization.

To apply for a “Horned Member of the Successful Coding Alliance” diploma you must have an independent witness there can confirm that a person from your Marketing group has declared you code successful. To get the attractive “Bug Free” stamp on your diploma you must be able to document that you have invalid at least five bugs assigned to you.

In the long term we will start to create Successful Coding Areas in your organization and move the horned members into these areas where they can feel them save from the mass of Less Successful Programmers, within these protected areas we will start to build-up Bug Free Zones, where the most important work is to invalid bugs and fight the evil force of Bug Reporters.

Remember that we are against bugs! So start the good work today and invalid a bug assigned to you!

Have a bug free day
     The Exclusive Board of Directors, the Successful Coding Alliance
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