My XTerra in Tisvilde. June 25th - 2017

A Cross Triathlon in Tisvilde in Denmark.

- 750m (2 x 375m with Australian exit) Swimming in the sea.
- 32Km (2 x 16Km) MTB, mainly on single trail.
- 10Km (2x 5Km) Trail run.

Before start. Everybody seems worry for the huge waves (it's me there to the right with the blue goggles, looking for a good sport to start from)

Start go! Into huge waves and strong stream.

Australian exit. So running back after the first turn, to throw myself into the hell waves again.

And back to hell again

Starting the MTB with good spirit. I had no idea what lays ahead!

A fast photo while I going for my second turn on the MTB, with destroyed thighs and bad neck. My brothers MTB was not adjusted correctly to me

Starting on my trail run, not with lot of energy. I'm dead tired and each step is a pain in my legs.

On my way to goal, "almost finish, almost finish, almost finish".

GOAL!!!!!!! Together with Julie that I meet on the trail run.

Finish with a pass to the first aid ambulance, with a bad knee. Nice with some ice on (note my medal).