Topo Athletic Runventure 2 - after 100 Km

I bought my pair of Topo Athletic Runventure 2 in May 2019, and have run more than 100 Km in them on mountain trails, in very various weather conditions.
I bought the shoes, because I really liked the food formed anatomical shape, the rather low 19 mm stack, and the 0 drop. Up to now the shoes have hold well and feels great on my feed, the food shape give me the same feeling as I had with my Altra Lone Peak, but with a more responsive stack, also the rock plate gives a good protection in the rather stony environment I sometime runs in, so I really like the shoes on my feed.
But the shoes fails very hart on one point, the grip and friction of the outsole. The shoes begin to slip around on the ground and lose all its grip with just a bit of water and in mud there is no grip at all, uphill climbing can be a real challenge, while downhill runs is strait out dangers if a bit of rain has fallen on the track.
For this reason I don't think I will buy another pair of Topo Athletic shoes and if I should give an advice to Topo Athletic, contact Tony Post's (Founder & CEO) earlier employer Vibram and get some soles there works! It is a real pity such a promise shoe is made totally worthless because of its outsole.